About Me

I am a performance artist and theatre maker. I enjoy creating characters and using them as a vehicle to tell my stories. A story is not necessarily a linear narration, it can be a composition of seemingly unrelated elements that if put together with care and dexterity reveal the story.

My work often draws inspiration from what interests me and what interests the people around me. Every newspaper article, every interview, dictionary entry, intriguing image, quote, every dress, every song can be the beginning of something. I tend to think that I find most of my triggers in subjects related to science, magic, philosophy, social stereotypes, popular culture and media personae.

But it’s as possible that my projects grow from ideas that have always been inside me. Ideas that have to do with my mum and dad, the house I grew in, the music that played in the house, my brothers, my friends and all the things that make us be.

The biggest part of my career has taken place on a stage of some sort. My film and television work were certainly pleasant experiences but this kind of working never really clicked for me. I am convinced now that what motivates me to create work that is live and performative is the magic of communicating with other people. The moment when you-the performer, the idea that until recently was just in your head, and all these people in the room actually coexist in reality. It’s almost surreal.

I like creating work that is vibrant, fresh, witty, thought-provoking and entertaining. I like having fun when creating a piece of work. That’s not always what eventually happens as the stress and deadlines occasionally manage to drain some of the joy from within me but I don’t like suffering and I don’t believe that pain is necessary, so I always try to get back to the fun bit as soon as possible. I don’t want the audience to feel sorry for me. I want them to enjoy the experience I can offer them.

I do other things as well. I am a pretty good seamstress -in the DIY sort of sense- and a helplessly poor knitter. I really like coffee. I like making cakes more than eating cakes. So, I always have to have people around me to offer them cakes and biscuits and the moment they take the first bite I stare into their eyes to read if they liked it and what they thought.

If I remember other things that describe me I’ll make sure they find their way into this page.

Until then and for more immediate updates just follow me on Twitter @StavKoun



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