Dr Misha Maglev: How to Be a Love Magnet

Dr Misha Maglev, Prof. Bioscience in the University of Moscow, tours the UK to present her ground-breaking Research on Human Emotions.

How to be a Love Magnet is a revolutionary lecture that deals with the demystification of the workings of Love and Erotic Attraction.

DrMisha Maglev South Hill Park 02

Dr Maglev’s expertise takes the audience to a fascinating journey from Ancient Rome and the Enlightenment, to Modern Magnetism and Popular Culture and promises to offer tips on how you can be a Love Magnet.

The combination of simple scientific experiments with sophisticated laboratory instruments enhances Dr Maglev’s lecture and makes the mysterious and ineffable Love accessible to all of us.


How to Be a Love Magnet has been successfully presented at:

2014 – “Of Art of Culture of” conference, organised by CARU, Headington Hill Hall, Oxford

2011 – OVADA Gallery’s Stammtisch Event, Oxford

2010 – Oxford Pride Festival, Jam Factory, Oxford

2009 – South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell

For a full documentation of the performance presented as part of Testing Grounds at South Hill Park, Bracknell in 2009 please follow the Vimeo link below:

Dr. Misha Maglev: How to Be a Love Magnet from stav k on Vimeo.


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